General construction works:

  • execution of earthworks and site installation works;
  • construction and installation of building constructions (reinforced concrete, concrete, metal, wood, masonry), roofing, finish works;
  • installation of internal and external water supply and sewage disposal systems, installation of heat generation and supply (up to 10 MW power), heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • execution of electrical engineering works (up to 10 MW voltage), installation of telecommunications, automation, security and fire alarms;
  • cleaning construction works;
  • general construction works of low-rise houses, public, industrial and agricultural buildings;
  • restoration, reconstruction, cleaning works of cultural heritage objects;
  • building, construction and management of communications – roads (streets), railroads, airport buildings;
  • installation of engineering systems;
  • construction of hydraulic buildings;
  • construction of sports-purpose engineering buildings;
  • installation, construction of dumps;
  • start-up and adjustment of various mechanisms;
  • planning, organization, management, coordination and monitoring services of general contracting, subcontracting works;
  • inspection of quality, which is indicated in documents, under project’s technical specifications of materials and devices used during construction;
  • consultations on the organization of maintenance of the building components and systems, on building’s administration during the operation;
·         warranty and post-warranty supervision.